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Battalion is men helping like this to help equip a young man for godly living

Battalion is for men and young men (grades 7-12)


Battalion is men equipping young men


Battalion is men equipping young men for godly living.

“Males bring other males into manhood. Males set the standard to be met, supervise the initiate and acknowledge his success or failure in achieving manhood.”

Rick Bundschuh

Battalion is for boys Grade 7 through age 18.

Battalion’s (Grades 7-12) purpose is to prepare a young man live in a way pleasing to God. CSB’s Seven Points of VALOR states the outcomes of our 14-year discipleship ministry and sets the standard of what a godly man looks like. battalion-300x200-transparent

Battalion’s purpose is to prepare a young man to live in a way pleasing to God.  It is where men of the church come together to help equip and challenge young men (Grades 7-12) to become all God has meant for them to be.

Through Leadership Training, Service, personal achievement and skill-focused activities, young men are mentored, trained, and equipped to stand firm in their faith by the time they graduate high school.

 A young man is grounded in Brigade’s Seven Points of Valor that helps define and set the standard of what a godly man is. Honor. Courage. Chivalry. Purity. Loyalty. Obedience. Dedication.

Battalion is Men taking a Leadership Role

Battalion is where men gather around the common goal of engaging with and investing in the next generation of male youth in the church.  Battalion provides godly role models of older men living and speaking Biblical Truth into the lives of younger men, helping to disciple each other (peer discipleship) and growing in their relationship with Christ.

Stockade is about groups of boys having fun together while learning to be all God wants them to be
Stockade boys learning using Outpost Adventures

Battalion is Young Men being challenged

Battalion challenges Young Men to mature through skill-focused activities, biblical discussion, leadership training, and personal achievement. They are encouraged to discover and develop three distinct facets of their identity: the Athlete, the Artist, and the Academic (Triple A Construct)

Brigade provides resources for the men that help them in their journey.

Battalion is becoming a godly man

Battalion will help prepare a young man to live in a way pleasing to God. He will be able to stand firm in his faith and in society, having learned to apply Brigade’s Seven Points of VALOR.

Herald of Christ is the Next Step

The young man continues his journey in Brigade’s Herald of Christ program that is the culmination of his journey through Battalion.


Teaching Tree Climbers and Tadpoles
Father and Son - playing airplane

Next Steps

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