Joint U.S. & Canada Staff Conference

by Apr 5, 2017

Joint Staff Conference


Earlier in March I attended the U.S. CSB Staff Conference in Cape May, New Jersey. Most of the US staff were able to attend in person, and Canadian staff were brought in via Ring Central digital technology. The conference dealt with casting a vision for the work ahead in 2017 as well as support training sessions. Personally, I was upheld and uplifted by the time spent face to face with the men I collaborate with on several projects.

I worked with Peter Westerman and Dale Kincaid on the final content template for the new Battalion Leader’s guides, called Missions. Peter is lead on this important project. I presented the revised Adventure Trails to the US team, and was challenged with important feedback for moving forward. This project is scheduled for completion by September, 2017.

Work has begun on the Leadership Trails Achievement levels. We will bring activity and challenge back into this important tool from the Battalion ministry. It is always good to spend some time with US CSB President, Scott Haima, and US CSB Vice President, Joel Fiscus, talking about God’s vision for Christian Service Brigade.


Steve Grove