New Website & Regional Pages for British Columbia

by Apr 11, 2017

New Website & Regional Pages for British Columbia


Christian Service Brigade | Canada has been working diligently to bring you many new resources and tools to keep you informed about what’s happening with Brigade.

For several months, we’ve been working to put together a new website that we hope helps us to reach out to our valued supporters, members, alumni, parents, and church partners. We hope you find these resources to be useful.

Additionally, we’ve begun creating areas of our web site that caters to each specific Region of Christian Service Brigade | Canada. On these regional pages, we hope to continue to present news, events, and information pertaining to each of our regions.  Our British Columbia Regional Pages are the first to be built and launched on our new site. We hope that you come here frequently to find out what’s going on and to be informed about Brigade happenings in British Columbia.


Howard Pike, Regional Director