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Your giving helps us find the lost boys

Supporting Brigade

Too many young men are lost, struggling to survive in a dark world.

Christian Service Brigade | Canada needs your support to help reach lost boys & men. Brigade is about “Building Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.” Your giving is vital to that mission.

We are vigorously engaged in training and equipping men as Brigade Leaders to help mentor and disciple young boys.  Our programs help equip men to teach and mentor today’s male youth to use their faith for daily living, to learn to live a godly life, teaching them what it means to be a godly man. Your generous giving and support are the seeds that help us bear that fruit.

Christian Service Brigade | Canada is a wholly independent registered charity in Canada. We are supported through the generous gifts of those who share our calling to Win and Train Boys for Christ, and to Build Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.

Steve Grove, Former President, CSB Canada

Gideon’s Men: Laying the foundation.

A long time ago, the youngest son of the least family from the small half-tribe of Manasseh was visited by a member of the heavenly host who said to him, “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” The angel told him to go in the power of God to deliver his people from oppression. The man gathered a large army, and out of them God chose only 300 men, strong in faith: Gideon’s men.  Facing a vastly superior army, and badly out-numbered, they blasted their trumpets, flashed their torches, and let out a cry, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!” By the power of God, they routed the enemy, and won the battle.

There is a battle raging today against our boys and young men. The enemy is fighting to keep them distracted, to prevent them from becoming all God intends them to be: mighty men of God.

Now, God is calling together His valiant warriors. HE IS CALLING YOU, men who will lead and support this generation of boys and young men: Gideon’s men.

We have many men who are leading and supporting our ministry at the local church level and across Canada. They are already in the battle fighting for our young men.  But as we look beyond today there is a need to lay a solid foundation for the fight in the months and years to come.

Christian Service Brigade | Canada has come through a difficult time over the last five years, the last twenty years. Swords have become dull, torches dim, horns tarnished. God has given us some great victories in ministry, but there have also been frustrations along the way.

Today is a new day. Today we stand firm with a renewed call to the ministry of Winning and Training Boys for Christ. We are in the midst of exciting and innovative revisions to our curriculum, bringing it into the 21st Century (and Canada is investing heavily in this work). We are setting down a solid promotional strategy to help us expand our ability to help churches disciple the next generation of men. We are investing in a new “start from scratch” website to better serve both existing and potential units. We are prioritizing our leadership training materials that also need major updating. These are all tools that the men in our ministry, Gideon’s Men, need as they take responsibility for the spiritual well-being of the young men in their churches.

But to move ahead, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

I am calling upon you to be One the 300 – GIDEON’S MEN. We need your prayers for Christian Service Brigade | Canada. Prayer and fasting is the best foundation for the spiritual warfare that we are engaged in. We also need your financial support for the next fiscal year, June 2016 to May 2017. The support level we are seeking is $30/month, or a one-time gift of $360 for the year. Giving to the Gideon’s Men project above and beyond any regular support will help us lay a solid foundation for the years to come. If you have never joined us in regular support, today is the best day to get started.

With this appeal, I want to assure you that as a man who grew up in a local CSB unit, who received the Herald of Christ, who worked at a Brigade camp for seven summers, that my life is invested in this ministry. I hold true to the basics that makes Brigade what it is, while looking for ways to move the ministry into the future. I ask you to join me as part of Gideon’s cohort to equip our leaders for the battle of a lifetime.

Thank you for considering supporting Christian Service Brigade | Canada, and becoming a Gideon’s Man. Let’s follow God’s lead as we impact the next generation of men for Jesus. To make a donation you can choose from the options below.

Steve Grove, BTh, MTS, DMin Former President, CSB Canada


“What I really remember about CSB is not what we did or learned. I remember those men pouring their lives into me, living their lives in front of me, challenging and training me to live as a man of God. That’s the key: relationships.”

Brett Clemmer

Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders

Imagine your support helping us to reach out to boys, boys from troubled families or who may be fatherless,   engaging them in our programs where they can be mentored and loved by godly men.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders

Imagine your support help men to become Brigade Leaders, equipped to help disciple today’s youth, mentoring them and discipling them for living strong in today’s troubled world.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men within your congregation

Imagine your support providing the equipment, resources, and tools we need to us create, update, and manage programs and materials needed to help train equip men and boys.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men using tools supplied by Brigade to help reach boys

Imagine how your giving could drastically impact just one life of a boy or a man as they seek to learn how to lean on Christ for daily living, equipped to better men, fathers, or members of the church and communities they live in.

Imagine your support impacting THESE men and boys.

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