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Stockade boys having fun activities together

Stockade is for men and boys (grades 3-6)


Stockade is young boys having fun activities together


Boys build strong relationships with their peers while being mentored by godly men.

“The men of the church will have to get deeply involved in order for boys to become men through watching and emulating them.”

Rick Bundschuh

Stockade is a program for boys Grades 3 through 6

Stockade (Grades 3-6) builds on the Tree Climber experience which provided a foundation of good Spiritual Habits, by helping the boys apply their faith to the world in which they live.


Christian Service Brigade | Canada provides the Stockade program to help men of church engage in the mentoring and development of boys. Stockade provides age-targeted discipleship materials and leadership resources for action-based group meetings.

Structured to fit the life of an active boy, Stockade uses group meetings providing boys with action-packed games and interactive shoulder-to-shoulder learning on interesting topics and biblical and contemporary stories. An achievement model of discipleship is used. Men of the church help  mentor boys, providing personal attention to help focus on each boy’s unique needs and to influence him in his formative years.

Stockade helps boys apply their faith to the world in which they live today. Boys begin to understand that God has created them for a unique purpose. They grow in their appreciation and love for God, for themselves, as well as how to relate well with others.


Stockade is SMALL and LARGE Groups

Stockade brings men and boys together with their peers in groups ranging from small to large. Boys enjoy time with their peers while being mentored and led by men of the church…men who model what it means to be a godly man. Boys learn over time to become the men that God means for them to be.

Stockade is about groups of boys having fun together while learning to be all God wants them to be
Stockade boys learning using Outpost Adventures

Stockade uses an Achievement Model through engaging modules

Stockade provides age-appropriate materials that provide an achievement model of development and discipleship. These Stockade Modules, including Leader’s Guides and Outpost Adventures (used by the boys) are offered on a variety of topics and interests. Each offers fun and engaging learning activities and have biblical principles inter-woven throughout each module. As boys complete the module, they gain a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Badges for each module are awarded and can be sewn on to Stockade uniforms (optionally provided and used).








Boy's Resources



Stockade builds upon the Tree Climber Experience

Stockade builds on the Tree Climber experience which provided a foundation of good spiritual habits. Boys learn to apply their faith to the world in which they live. Pattered after Jesus’s experience found in Luke 2:52, this leads towards increasing spiritual maturity.

Battalion is the Next Step

The Stockade boy moves on to Battalion where he continues on the road to maturity. There, the Seven Points of Valor guide his journey in becoming a godly man.



Teaching Tree Climbers and Tadpoles
Father and Son - playing airplane

Next Steps

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